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Architectural Tinting

In the vibrant landscapes of Carrollton, architectural tinting is not just about aesthetics; it's about enhancing the functionality and comfort of both residential and commercial spaces. Turbo Tint offers comprehensive architectural tinting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of every property throughout Carrollton and the surrounding communities.


By applying specialized tinting films to residential windows, Turbo Tint ensures that homes are shielded from excessive sunlight, reducing interior heat and protecting furnishings from UV damage. Home window tinting not only helps in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature but also results in potential energy savings throughout the year. Additionally, our residential tint provides an added layer of privacy without compromising on natural light, making homes both cozy and secure. The possibilities for your Carrollton, TX home are endless with home window tint film from Turbo Tint!

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▪ Privacy & style
Home window tinting can provide an added layer of privacy, especially for commercial buildings and residential spaces. Our decorative window films can replicate the look and privacy of frosted or etched glass without the expense.
▪ Energy Efficiency
Residential tinting can dramatically lower room temperatures to reduce strain on air conditioning systems and boost energy savings.
▪ Prevent fading
Turbo Tint's architectural tinting also offers durable protection against harmful UV rays. This prevents the fading of furniture, artwork, and wood flooring by blocking out more than 99% of all UV rays from entering your homw.
▪ Reduce Glare
The intense Texas sun can often result in uncomfortable glare, especially in residential spaces with large windows. Turbo Tint's architectural tinting effectively reduces this glare, enhancing the comfort and functionality of the space.
▪ Protection
Keep your home safe from accidents, intrusion, and storm damage. Our thick, heavy-duty polyester film and strong adhesive bond provide an invisible, shatterproof barrier.

Turbo architectural tint rolling down window

Commercial WINDOWS

Commercial window tinting primarily focuses on enhancing the functionality of business establishments. While aesthetics are important, the primary goal is often to improve energy efficiency, reduce glare in workspaces, and enhance privacy. Our commercial window tinting films come in a wide selection to meet your commercial property’s unique needs.

▪ Energy Efficiency
By choosing commercial window tint for your office or storefront, you're embracing an eco-friendly approach that boosts the comfort level of employees while lowering your energy consumption.
▪ Glare Reduction
Combat computer screen glare effectively with our commercial window films, reducing it by up to 91% for a more relaxed viewing experience.
▪ Safety
We present storefronts and businesses with two commercial safety film options: our anti-vandalism films that acts as a protective shield, or our shatter-resistant films which create a strong bond and form a transparent barrier against unauthorized entry.
▪ Privacy & style
Achieve a blend of style and privacy in your office spaces with our commercial window tinting, and imitate the look elegant frosted or etched glass without the high costs.
▪ Fading Prevention
Keep the vibrancy of your office interiors, artworks, and floorings intact by warding off over 99% of UV rays with our quality commercial window tint.

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